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The science behind neutraceutical & hemp-based products and wellness solutions 

Nerovana Corporation is a life sciences company developing, manufacturing and distributing health and wellness nutraceutical products. Our products use natural ingredients, carefully researched formulations and in select products, pure full spectrum Cannabidiol compounds (CBD). Our products are marketed under various brands based on use and formulations.

Royal Botanical products are supplements and topicals that contain complete spectrum, non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) oil from our proprietary hemp plant strain and seed. Hemp oil products offer numerous botanical benefits. We develop and process a variety of supplements and topicals in the U.S.A. for health and wellness.

Personal Health and
Wellness Products
with Hemp Extract

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Soft Gels with Hemp Extract
Hemp Oil Soft Gels

Deer Antler Extract

Topicals with Hemp Extract
Lip Balm
Eyelash Enhancement Pen
Headache and Tension Relief Roller
Face Cream
Hand Cream
Body Butter with Tumeric
Stretch Mark Cream
Massage Oil

PURE8 is a non-toxic, long lasting indoor spray that has been widely used in controlling environmental indoor pollution, bacteria, viruses, fungus, pests and odors. It achieves the national indoor air quality standard. PURE8 has many uses from personal and home to commercial and industrial applications. Our growers find it especially effective in their indoor growing and plant processing environments.

Indoor aerosol
spray with
Titanium Dioxide

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Various sizes for personal, home, office or industrial use.

Growers have re-discovered what our ancestors already knew – that chemicals kill the earth. By increasing the use of naturally occurring nutrients and organic materials, crop production is higher with a greater nutritional value. Green Soil Amendment improves crop yields while delivering larger, nutrient rich produce.

Green Soil

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Various sizes are available for personal, home, farm or grow facility use.

Health conscious people believe in the nutritional value of Chlorella Food Supplement extracts that contain Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). This water-soluble chlorella extract is a good source of several vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


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Various sizes are available for personal, home, farm or grow facility use.


Today, Nerovana’s product brands are distributed online and direct to the consumer. We are actively adding resellers including regional and national stores. 

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Nerovana is a privately held U.S. business. We are active in the investor community to accelerate our growth in hemp, CBD, other natural wellness products and global market expansion.

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Mother’s Day in Hollywood

Celebrity moms will be celebrating Mother’s Day with Nerovana’s CBD enhanced beauty and skincare products. Among the recipients are: Rachel McAdams, Eva Longoria, Claire Danes,

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