Green Soil Amendment improves crop yields while delivering larger, nutrient rich produce. Commercial growers have rediscovered what our ancestors already knew that chemicals kill the earth. By increasing the use of naturally occurring nutrients and organic materials, crop production is higher with a greater nutritional value.


The formulation of natural ingredients, polysaccharides, polypeptides and trace elements in GSA organically enhances soil. Our formulation helps with the growth and proliferation of local “native soil microorganisms” found in any soil in the world.


GSA will enhance and optimize the natural decomposition of animal and plant residues to help elevate the organic matter content in the soil. It is not a fertilizer, macronutrient or micronutrient replacement, but is a natural, safe and non-toxic compound that is a synergistic catalyst to organically enhance any abused, depleted or natural soil system.





GSA is a natural, synergistic catalyst to organically enhance any abused or depleted soil system. It contains no harmful chemical additives.

GSA is not a fertilizer, soil supplement, macronutrient or micronutrient.

GSA can increase crop yields up to 30% by improving the soil and thus, the plants.

Better soils with a progressive reduction in chemical fertilizer use, increased organic matter and soil fertility and pH factor balance

Healthier plants with accelerated growth, more robust root structures, denser and greener foliage, increased blossoms and increased nutrient uptake

Beyond organic our natural soil enhancement products and proven farming methods can help virtually anyone have a better growing season.

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